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In an xafs like India where the use of Mosquito nets are very high

In an xafs like India where the use of Mosquito nets are very high, people are less aware on the technicalities involved in choosing the right Mosquito nets for their homes. Lead poisoning could be so dangerous to health, especially to children.The rest are cheap Chinese imports that has no quality and the only advantage is they are cheap.. PHIFER retails its range of Mosquito netsystems for doors & windows in India through exclusive showrooms across the country. The only brand in this segment in India is PHIFER. All of Phifer'sproducts add to the aesthetics of a homes interior. PHIFER is an American product at Indian prices.

Thereare 6 different types of mesh options ranging from fiberglass to stainless steel meshes.No Chinese mesh has even one of the above properties and target people who are budget minded.Completely imported and assembled in India, PHIFER is the only brand that owns several qualitycertificates for its products like, Lead free, Microban, Greenguard, Lead Free, Fire Retardant etc.PHIFER is the only international brand with a strong presence in India offering world class after salessupport. These guys have no idea what brands they use and their quality implications. But as our users are not Flower Tower Manufacturers even aware of these, the cheap Chinese meshes continue to swell the xafs. Its an American product and is of the highest quality in the xafs. PHIFER Mosquito screens are certified for being LEAD free and also has other quality certifications that no other Mesh manufacturer has.PHIFER is the world's largest selling brand of Mosquito screens.

Phifer’s products are Fire retardant, Microban certified for being Anti Bacterial and Greenguard certified for indoor air quality. All these cheap Chinese meshes have LEAD in them which is a banned substance all over the world.world large mosquito screens products phiferindia. PHIFER is the onlybrand offering 10 different types of fitment options for windows and two fitment options for doors. When we decide to go for Mosquito meshes for our doors and windows, we normally ask a local installer to come and meet us.

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